I love to find ideas about recycling or re-purposing household items in garden projects. Someone else’s trash can always be a garden treasure  Bicycle planters make great garden accents for both annuals and perennial plants.

These 20 bicycle planters will add a whimsical look to your garden centers. Get some inspiration for your project here.

Bicycle Planters in the Garden.

Using items around the house in new and unusual ways add a whimsical look to garden settings. For today’s ideas, we are seeing how to turn old bicycles into charming garden planters. Just use can of paint, some fun baskets and your plants, and you are good to go.

Do you have a bicycle that you could use for a planter? Why not try one of these neat ideas?

Pretty in Pink! The frame of the bicycle and some crates are painted a baby pink color and then they are planted with deep pink petunias. I love the way the vines of pink flowers climb up the frame as well as the use of pink accent flowers on the center of the bicycle wheels.Pink petunias on a bicycle planter

How perfect is this for a plain white wall? It reminds me a bit of the flying bicycle scene in E.T. All the bicycle needs are some yellow and brown daisies in the small basket!

Bicycle wall art

This thin blue bicycle gives a modern look to this display against the bright red wall. Love the colors!Modern looking Bicycle Planter

This whimsical bicycle planter complete with small tennis shoe planters gives the impression of the bike having a ghost rider. How sweet!  Image shared from my friend Carlene at Organized Clutter.

White bicycle planter

This planter has such a cottage garden look to it.  The wildflowers go so well with the fabric lined white basket to match the colors of the bicycle.Bicycle Planter with wild flowers


The rustic picket fence is a nice backdrop for this baby blue bicycle with two basket planters. Colorful annuals can be changed out with the seasons.

Baby Blue Bicycle Planter

Take a step back in time with this old fashioned bicycle planter. This whimsical planter has a frame looks like a high-wheel bicycle from bygone days, with one large wheel in the front and a smaller wheel in back. Two plants complete the fun look. Source – Amazon (affiliate link)Old Fashioned Bicycle planter

Yellow is the theme here! This fun yellow bicycle planter looks as though it is part of the scene behind it with the rail baskets.

Yellow bicycle planter

This is one of my favorite ideas. A can of dark pink paint it put to good use for this bicycle planter.  Two wooden crates and the whole bicycle gets a fresh coat of paint and then bright pink flowers are added. The look is monochrome but so effective.

Bicycle Planter with pink crate basket

What a fun idea this is!  Use it for indoor plants on a black wall, or outdoors on the side of a garden shed. Just take a small tricycle planter, add some potted tulips and you have an adorable wall accent.

Wall planter with tulips

I love this color combo. The bicycle and baskets are both painted yellow and purple petunias add a nice splash of color as a contrast.  The brown sphagnum moss completes the look.

Yellow bicycle with purple flowers.

This fun combo uses a pink painted bicycle with a back basket.  Along side of it on the ground is a plant pot of the same color with a trailing vine. As the plant grows it will cover the frame of the bicycle!

Pink vintage Bicycle Planter

More Bicycle Planters to Inspire YouThere are lots of creative ways to use bicycles in your garden projects. thegardeningcook.com

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