Closet compartment – a universal storage system for a modern apartment!

Worried about how to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom or hallway or how to construct it yourself? All this information is in this article, together with illustrative photos.

The classic closet for the inexperienced user does not differ from the usual wardrobe in any way – it’s the same big or even bulky size. However, it has one significant advantage – the design of doors which don’t require additional space to open, and hence the classic closet, unlike the usual one, will be indispensable in small rooms, despite its seemingly impressive dimensions.

So, what is an ordinary wardrobe? As already mentioned, it has the design of a conventional closet, i.e. it has its own floor, walls and ceiling. The doors are made in the form of ordinary rectangular canvases, the movement of which is facilitated by means of special rails.

The unequivocal advantage of a closet of this design is its mobility. If you suddenly want to update the design of the room in which it stands, or simply move it, say, from the bedroom to the hallway, it will be very easy!

Very often, many homeowners do not know how to use the corners in a room functionally. For example, a closet designed to appear as if it is growing out of a wall brings us back to childhood with its Czech or Polish walls. The modern interior, on the other hand, dictates completely different rules and the corner wardrobe allows you to follow these rules safely in the interior design of your apartment.

A corner cabinet-coupe is the dream of the owner of a small square hallway or a small rectangular bedroom! Such a cabinet does not take up much space, but provides great functionality!

Thanks to a correctly selected filling, such a cabinet is able to accommodate almost all of your wardrobe needs, while retaining the spaciousness of the room, which is unlikely to be achieved by a classic closet, stretched along the wall

A distinctive feature of the built-in wardrobe design is the absence of the rear wall, floor and ceiling. This nuance determines several aspects of buying and using such a cabinet:

A significant drawback is only one – such a cabinet is completely devoid of mobility. And if, after a while, you suddenly decided to reshuffle, the closet will most likely have to be broken or, if the redesign is only limited to changing the style or color of the room, change the closet doors.

Naturally, each of us, when buying furniture wants to find the “golden mean” between the friendliest price and the best quality of the product. The most acute question arises in choosing the material from which the piece of furniture is made.

The most economical material for the design of closets, of course, is chipboard. Undoubted advantages of this material are strength, water resistance and, of course, an affordable price. However, a major disadvantage is that DSP is used a binder in the manufacture of chipboard, together with formaldehyde resins, which emit toxics that are dangerous.

If you decide to purchase a wardrobe from the EAF, please check with the seller for the availability of appropriate certificates confirming the safety of the product!

In comparison with particle board, MDF has several advantages:

Still, MDF is not devoid of shortcomings. The most obvious of them is that MDF is easily ignitable. In addition, it has lower moisture resistance and costs more than chipboard.

Of course, compared to artificial materials, natural wood can seem too capricious and difficult to maintain, but these shortcomings are fully compensated for by the advantages!

Ecological compatibility -“Natural wood” – the name speaks for itself, does it not? No harmful impurities, no possible evaporation, only environmentally friendly material that makes us feel closer to nature.

Practicality – Contradiction? Not at all! Yes, wood is a capricious material, but thanks to the variety of existing care products, wooden furniture will last you much longer than analogues from other materials. In addition, the wood is much more resistant against moisture and rot.

Aesthetics – The aesthetics of wooden furniture are amazing, no wonder many other materials imitate wooden surfaces. However, the original is always better than the imitation.

Power Engineering – Being a natural material, wood undoubtedly has its own special energy, which differs from one type to another. Many believe that oak helps to gain clarity of thought and strength, and that beech can charge you with its energy!

Closet in the living room: Special features

At first glance it may seem that the closet in the living room is not a good idea. In the bedroom and the hallway, its role is more than justified, but in the living room (unless it is combined with the bedroom) – its purpose is somewhat vague.

Our answer: think wider! The closet does not have to become a storehouse of clothes and shoes. Along with storing, say, bed linen, towels, specific garments, the closet can become a haven for a mini-bar, shelves for books or even a safe.

The main idea in this case is to think carefully about the possibilities of internal filling and choose the appropriate design of the doors of the wardrobe so that it fits seamlessly into the interior of your living room.

The closet is the most convenient storage system for your bedroom . It can easily fit not only your clothing, but also bed linen, extra sets of pillows and blankets and even an ironing board!

The variety of existing features of the decor of the doors allows you to fit the wardrobe into a bedroom of any style you like. The choice of exterior design ranges from sand blasting, photo facade, stained glass, leather or bamboo finish, it all depends on your tastes and preferences!

When designing a child’s room, consider the storage system in advance, even if your baby has barely learned to walk. Children grow very quickly, which means that very soon the child will need a separate high-grade wardrobe for storing clothes.

The advantage of using a wardrobe in the nursery, in contrast, say, from a dresser or an ordinary closet, is that with the right choice of filling it can accommodate not only the clothes of the baby, but also the toys or books. Thoughtful organization of space and storage in the nursery will certainly play well, greatly facilitating the easy cleaning of the bedroom and arrangement of toys carelessly spread out by your child.

When decorating the front panels of the wardrobe in the nursery, it is better to turn to photo frames on which you can depict favorite cartoon characters of the child, or simply finish with several bright colors that are in harmony with the color scheme of the child’s bedroom.

Closet in the hallway: everything in its place

Another organic place for placing a wardrobe, aside from the bedroom is, of course, an entrance hall. The wardrobe in the hallway is indispensable for storing clothes for each of the seasons, as well as numerous shoes.

A feature of the closet in the hallway should be the availability of an open section with hooks for storing easily accessible clothing for the current season.

If you are planning to make a custom-made wardrobe or have the option to choose the filling for the ready-made version, we advise you to pay attention to the storage areas for hats and scarves, umbrellas and shoe care products.

As a facade decoration, it is better to choose a mirror surface, at least for one of the doors. By doing so you will rid yourself of the need to place a separate mirror, which you cannot do without in the hallway!

A mirror facade is perhaps one of the most versatile decorations for the closet. Most often this facade is used in bedrooms and hallways, which allows you not to clutter up space with additional mirrors.

However, the charm of the mirror facade is not only in its practicality, but also in the effect that it can exert on the surrounding space. Mirror doors are indispensable in small bedrooms and hallways, thanks to their ability to reflect light and visually expand space.

The choice of stained glass windows in the design of the door panels of sliding-door wardrobes is a bold and interesting solution. Stained glass windows, depending on their complexity, can be very expensive, but inexpensive analogues look elegant as well!

Stained-glass windows can either be ordinary single-layered or multi-layered, creating a special effect. It all depends on your courage and imagination.

The sandblasting pattern is a matte pattern on the transparent surface of the glass or, conversely, a clear glass pattern on the matted surface.

The pattern is applied to the surface using stencils and a special sandblasting machine. Under high pressure, an air-sand jet is blown out, leaving micro surfaces on the glass surface, creating the desired pattern.

The variability of the drawings is high, but here the color solutions of this type of design make it unlikely to vary the drawings.

Photo facades along with wallpapers can become bright accents in your interior. It is up to you to decide whether the selected image will be colored or whether you prefer monochrome. In any case, the main reference point is the general surrounding space and your desires.

The photo-printing on the door of the sliding-door wardrobe can be carried out in one of three ways:

Such a design is quite democratic in the economic sense, and strength and durability are determined by the characteristics of the glass and the type of photo printing.

Considering the fact that sliding-door wardrobes are often made to order, the facade decoration can be almost anything – the design options are unlimited.

Recently, decoration of closets with natural materials like leather, rattan and bamboo is gaining popularity. This finish shows the status of the owner (after all, natural materials always cost a fortune!) and looks stylish and elegant.

The closet with uniform finishing is able to fit into any interior, becoming the room’s key element or an organic participant.

Remember that when choosing a wardrobe with a finish made from natural materials, you need to arrange the rest of the room in an appropriate way – old wallpaper or poor-quality furniture will spoil the appearance of the wardrobe!

Enjoy the interesting options presented in the photo below:

From the abundance of options for the decoration of door panels of modern wardrobes, the eyes can run wide, leaving you in a dilemma. That’s why the combined fronts are very popular.

Combine mirrors with sandblast or stained glass paintings and elements made of natural materials with photo facades. The main rule is one: do not overuse the elements and you will create a harmonious and finished design!

Furniture from Ikea has long occupied its vast and solid niche in the finished furniture market. The main characteristic inherent in all products of this company is practicality. In the organization of the storage system, this quality is just what you need!

The wardrobes from Ikea are made of natural wood or laminated chipboard and are very simple in appearance. You will not find samples of exquisite or luxury designs. Do not forget, the Scandinavian style does not tolerate pomposity!

Furniture from Ikea comes in a wide range of models, designed for almost any wallet: for those who want to save, you can find small models with the most necessary features, and those who are ready to spend can indulge in large functional cabinets with a rich choice of internal filling.

The name “elite” speaks for itself – among such models you will not find chipboard or MDF, only natural wood – beech, oak, and ash. Of course, such models are expensive, but you can be assured of the impressive quality, fittings and assembly of the materials.

Elite models are not necessarily made to order, but even finished models can be equipped with the elements of your choice.

If you have the necessary tools and want to create a cabinet with a truly unique design, you have the ability to achieve that! As a bonus, you will get functionality, spaciousness and aesthetic pleasure.

So, as follows from our article, when choosing a wardrobe, you should consider several points:

If you have considered all possible variants of ready cabinets, but you have not decided on the choice, you have one other option- to execute the desired model to order.

Of course, this option will cost you more than the finished one, but the advantages of this choice are obvious and outweigh all the shortcomings:

Of course, the closet is not the easiest piece of furniture and certain carpentry skills will be very useful for a DIY project. However, in this age of advanced technology and the availability of information, you can easily find many guides to create a fully-fledged closet manually.

Since the desired models and variants of filling differ in diversity, it is difficult to draw up a plan of the necessary work, but it is still worthwhile to single out the general points in preparation and direct production:

Naturally, these are only general recommendations.