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50 Trendy and Beautiful DIY Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas

1. A Tree Full of Stars

A Tree Full of Stars

Source: onekindesign.com

2. Evergreen Stair Railing Garland

Evergreen Stair Railing Garland

Source: onsuttonplace.com

3. Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights

Source: allthingsheartandhome.com

4. Floating Hoop Lights

Floating Hoop Lights

Source: deborahsilver.com

5. Rustic Chic Burlap Garland

Rustic Chic Burlap Garland

Source: dumpaday.com

6. Ornament Lantern

Ornament Lantern

Source: casaoriginal.com

7. Evergreen and Tiny Stars on a Tiered Tray

Evergreen and Tiny Stars on a Tiered Tray

Source: desniutami.blogspot.com

8. String Light Frame

String Light Frame

Source: ohohblog.com

9. Gorgeous Snowman Wreath

Gorgeous Snowman Wreath

Source: pinterest.com

10. Wrapped Globe Lights

Wrapped Globe Lights

Source: lovinglifebeingchristy.blogspot.com

11. Fairy Light Vases

Fairy Light Vases

Source: brookstone.com

12. String Lights and Chinese Lanterns

String Lights and Chinese Lanterns

Source: jasminekhan.tumblr.com

13. String Lights Headboard

String Lights Headboard

Source: homepimpa.website

14. Glowing Birdcage

Glowing Birdcage

Source: browngirldecorblog.com

15. “Joyful” Fireplace Mantle

Source: blessings.com

16. Adorable Tiny Campfire

Source: topinspired.com

17. DIY Christmas Shadow Box Display

Source: popsugar.com

18. Basket of Glowing Ornaments

Basket of Glowing Ornaments

Source: christmas.365greetings.com

19. Planter Wreath

Source: gcan.net

20. Rustic Wine Bottle Chandelier

Source: mikestanleycomedy.com

21. LED Coffee Table Decoration

Source: blog.homedepot.com

22. Miniature Mirror Chandelier

23. DIY Faux Pillar Candles

Source: ohohblog.com

24. Merry & Bright Lighted Sign

Source: theonlinestylist.co.uk

25. Six-Pointed Star Wrapped Wreath

Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

26. Minimalist Ladder Christmas Tree

Source: avso.org

27. Fairy Lights Under Glass

28. Triple Hanging Wreaths, All Tied Up

Source: decorandthedog.net

29. Christmas Light Bike

30. Christmas Tree Lights and Ornaments Door Decoration

Source: printablepapercrafts.xyz

31. Light-Up Floral Frame

Source: lifeannstyle.com

32. Corner Christmas Display

Source: interioridea.net

33. Christmas Light Mini Clouds

34. Branch Wreath with Blue Lights

35. Outdoor Front Stoop Christmas Lights Display

Source: ballybally.com

36. White Birdcage with Flower Lights

Source: mobilmusic.ru

37. Tree Branch with Hanging Lights

Source: diyready.com

38. Bed Frame Lights

Source: glitterylips.blogspot.com

39. Ornamental Shelf with Evergreen

Source: interior-heaven.blogspot.com

40. Cute Christmas Card Display with Christmas Lights

Source: dumpaday.com

41. Rustic Chic Christmas Tree Canvas

Source: christmas.365greetings.com

42. Paper Cup Lights Garland

Source: cosmopolitan.gr

43. DIY Wire Christmas Tree Lawn Sculpture

Source: 17apart.com

44. DIY Light-Up Snowman Ribbon Sculpture

Source: pinbrowse.com

45. Wooden Spinning Wheel Wrapped in Lights

Wooden Spinning Wheel Wrapped in Lights

Source: weddingomania.com

46. Mason Jar Icicle Lights Garland

Source: diyandcraftsideas.com


47. White Wonderland Bedroom

Source: girlsonit.com


48. Simple DIY Chandelier

Source: pic2viral.com


49. Christmas Lights Photo Collage Frame

Source: blog.postalpix.com


50. Adorable Wall Christmas Tree