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50 Best Ways to Re-imagine Your Dream Dining Spot (With Sets)

Room #1: A Touch of BoHo

A Touch of BoHo

Source: betadecora.com.br


Room #2: For Sophisticates Only

For Sophisticates Only

Source: blulabelbungalow.com

Room #3: The Exotic East

The Exotic East

Source: hgtv.com


Room #4: Your Intimate Corner

Your Intimate Corner

Source: casadasamigas.com


Room #5: The Emperor is in

The Emperor is in

Source: ericagiacomelli.com.br

Room #6: A Taste of Scandinavia

A Taste of Scandinavia

Source: carolpreviatello.blogspot.hu

Room #7: Is it Paris or Havana?

Is it Paris or Havana?

Source: decordesignreview.tumblr.com


Room #8: A Symphony in Beige

A Symphony in Beige

Source: wi-fi.ru


Room #9: Paris at Midnight

Paris at Midnight

Source: shaheenglassart.com

Room #10: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Source: artenquirer.ru


Room #11: Revisit the 1950s

Revisit the 1950s

Source: mydomaine.com


Room #12: Extraterrestrial Holiday

Extraterrestrial Holiday

Source: interiorswarehouse.com


Room #13: Wild about Color

Wild about Color

Source: doceelegancia.com.br


Room #14: Versailles Redux

Versailles Redux

Source: godbyhomefurnishings.com