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27 Adorable Reused and Repurposed Galvanized Tub and Bucket Ideas to Bring Country into Your Home


1. Galvanized Tubs Turned Bathroom Sinks

Source: jornalminuano.com.br

2. Hang Your Flowers in Galvanized Buckets

Source: woohome.com

3. A Rustic Galvanized Tub Bath Shelf

Source: etsy.com

4. Side Table Made from Galvanized Bucket

Source: jfkstudies.org

5. Firewood Stays Organized in Galvanized Tub

Source: woohome.com

6. Wash Tub Turned Corner Deck Planter

Source: worthtryingdiyprojects.com

7. Kitchen Island Made from Wash Tub

Source: magazineyourhome.blogspot.com

8. Organize Odds and Ends with Old Buckets

Source: hative.com

9. Coffee Table Base Made from Galvanized Tub

Source: cooarchitecture.com

10. Wash Tub Planter Filled with Plants

Source: casadecoracion.photos

11. Bathroom Organizer Made from Galvanized Bucket

Source: stamptillucramp.blogspot.com

l2. Rustic Light Pendant Made from Old Bucket

Source: thecottagemarket.com

13. Picnic Organization Made Easy with Small Buckets

Source: save-on-crafts.com

14. Instant Drink Station with Bucket and Soda

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

15. Unique Seating Solution for In-Tub Guests

Source: hu.pinterest.com

16. Easy Outdoor Cooler with Bucket and Ice

Source: lilluna.com

17. Large Wash Tub Turned into Shower and Bath

Source: meadowviewfarm.info

18. Keep Towels Organized in Water-Proof Bucket

Source: hu.pinterest.com

19. Bucket and Pump Make Great Water Features

Source: idolza.com

20. Table Decorations Featuring Rustic Buckets

Source: hometalk.com

21. Bucket with Feet Makes Unique Table Base

Source: lafayette-antiques.com

22. Outside Hose and Gardening Organization Featuring Bucket

Source: theartofdoingstuff.com

23. Easy Planters Made with Repurposed Galvanized Tubs

Source: onsuttonplace.com

24. Buckets Make Great Kitchen and Store Organizers

Source: angelinthenorth.com

25. Rustic Light Fixture Perfect for Porches

Source: valerie-yard.blogspot.com

26. Wash Tub and Sewing Machine Base Create Magic

Source: hu.pinterest.com

27. Weatherproof Outside Table with Galvanized Bucket Base

Source: scavengerchic.com