Those who have a tiny bathroom, often grumble that they don’t have enough space to store their stuff. I know that feeling, because I am also owner of a small bathroom. In fact, our small bathrooms can store more than you can imagine.

In today’s article we present you a dozen of creatively ideas that will help you solve all of your problems in your bathroom and keep it away from clutter. The best thing is that these solutions are very budget-friendly, and don’t require a lot of floor space. See for yourself!

16 Resourceful Ways To Add More Storage To Your Bathroom

1. Spice Rack Shelves

Spice Rack Shelves

Hang a few spice racks on the wall to organize all your cosmetic products. (Photo from Serena Kelly)

2. PVC Pipe Used as Hair Dryer Holder

Hair Dryer Storage Stand

The shape of this PVC pipe connector makes it the ideal place to hold your flat iron and hair dryer. (Photo via Pinterest)

3. PVC Curling Iron Holsters

PVC Curling Iron Holsters

Another fun way to organize using PVC pipe. Simply install it inside the bathroom cabinet to hold curling irons and their cords. (Via The Family Handyman)

4. Bathroom Towel Storage

Bathroom Towel Storage

Install wicker baskets on the wall and have instant towel storage. This is a great solution to get your bathroom organized and give it a little decor boost as well. (Photo via Making Lemonade)

5. Easy Shelving

Easy Shelving

Find a few small wooden crates and mount them to the wall. Effect? You have a great country-looking decor along with a bit of extra storage. (Full tutorial at Hgtv)

6. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board

This magnetic makeup board is a must for smaller bathrooms. Not only does it keep your make-up organized, but it also looks super cute on your wall. (Tutorial: Laura Thoughts)