15 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Tin Cans

I love projects in which you can utilize items you would normally throw away. Although a tin can may look quite unaesthetic at the first glance it requires little creativity from your part to become a decorative object on your table or a cool toy for your kid. There are a variety of fun DIY […]

1. Tin Can Lanterns

Recycle your tin cans into simple lanterns for outdoor parties or your home.


2. Tin Can Drums

Here is a fun idea to transform a tin cans into a set of drums using some leather and paint.

3. Tin Can Clock

Can Clock – Kellis Kitchen

Make a cool clock out of coffee can. It’s so easy, and takes only 10 minutes to create!


4. Tin Can Desk Lamp

Brighten up your room with this original desk lamp.

5. Tin Can Wind Chime

Add the sound of music into your yard with this gorgeous homemade wind chime!

6. Nautical Rope Vase

Create a stunning centerpiece using a coffee can, glass jar, rope, and hot glue.

7. Tin Can Pincushion

Anyone who is keen on sewing will love this cute and easy-to-make pincushion! Great gift idea!

8. Upcycled Tin Can Organizer

Create a new desk organizer out of tin cans to organize your items.

9. Tin Can Snowman

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Christmas craft make this adorable tin can snowman.

10. Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder

This Tin Can Flower is not only pretty it make great bird feeder too!

11. Tin Can Shelf

The perfect little place to store toys and trinkets.

12. Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove

This little stove is amazing! You can boil water with just a few small sticks, and the stove weighs almost nothing.

13. Kitchen Organizer

Empty cans are the perfect size for stashing kitchen utensils.

14. Customizable Cookie Cutters

Got an idea for a cookie, but can’t find the right cutter? Check this tutorial via DIYHomeSweetHome and make your own cookie cutters!

15. Table Numbers

For your next big party, use empty cans to make these lit up table numbers. Get the tutorial at