Before Julia and I left Brooklyn behind, we managed to score the very last farmhouse sink that Ikea had in the New York area. We had no idea, but when I mentioned on Instagram that we installed one, I was besieged by emails from people across the state asking to buy it out of our house. If I didn’t know they were so popular before, I definitely knew after that.


We’re fortunate to live in an area now where most people live in (some still working) family farm houses, so I’ve come to appreciate seeing all manner of farmhouse sinks, from more industrial tub sinks on stands to the classic white porcelain model we’ve all come to love. Whether they have a single basin or double, white or soapstone walls or have rounded or straight-edged sides, a deep farmhouse sink is always an welcome site in the kitchen. Today I’m sharing 14 of my favorites to inspire your next kitchen project (or salvage hunt!). xo, grace


Images above: (Top) John’s old stone house in New York contains a stunning farmhouse sink amid antique wooden cabinets, (Middle) This Rosendale, New York home has a dreamy farmhouse sink accented by butter yellow walls, (Bottom) Eva’s kitchen remodel features my personal favorite, a soapstone farmhouse sink. 



This South Carolina cottage pairs a classic deep farmhouse sink with beautiful blue cabinets.



The Emersonmade homestead includes two beautiful farmhouse sinks (both above), one vintage and one modern.


This sleek Ontario kitchen makeover pairs a shallow farmhouse sink with wooden countertops and matte black handles.


Lyndsey and Fitzhugh’s Brooklyn home includes a skirted farmhouse sink next to soapstone and hand hewed wooden counters.


This Scottish home pairs a deep farmhouse sink with grooved butcher block counters and a cheerful polka dot tablecloth.


This design Jessica Helgerson did for a Portland, Oregon home pairs a new farmhouse sink with contemporary patterned tiles.


I love this miniature farmhouse sink paired with copper and brass detailing.


This huge vintage farmhouse sink in Nashville pairs perfectly with a rustic wooden cutting board table.


This Connecticut farmhouse added a modern farmhouse sink to its existing antique cabinetry.


Last but not least, the dark navy cabinets and patterned rug in this home are a great splash of color against this modern white farmhouse sink.