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10 Spectacular Tiny House Designs That Maximize Style and Function

A marvelous house doesn’t have to be a large house. Even, if you only have a tiny house for spending your lifetime, it can be incredible as well. The most important is that, you feel comfort to stay at the house.  After that, pay attention about the design to not being cluttered up. Here are some tiny house design inspirations that will make you surprise.

tiny house design 1

Look at this astonishing tiny house picture! Here, you can see this house only have three rooms, but have multi-function. There is a room which functions as kitchen and a dining room as well. The second room is the place for taking rest and watching favorite movie which place at the corner of this house. The rest is bathroom which also provided.

tiny house design 2

This tiny house has two floors. The first room is at the first floor will be kitchen along with dining room. The bathroom is also at this floor. Furthermore, the second floor will be the bedroom, where the owner of this house gets sleep. See! Even you can put a sofa there.

tiny house design 3

You will be surprised how complete this tiny house. At the first floor, you will see kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bathroom and a sink. Don’t worry; you will see a table at this floor for putting some meals. Then, at the second floor you can enjoy your sleeping time.

tiny house design 4

What a wonderful house! At the first floor, you can see how kitchen, dining room, and living room are in one place without any divider. It looks modern and minimalist. Next, the second floor is bedroom and bathroom which looks tidy.

tiny house design 5

How happy you are! Living at this tiny house will not make you upset. Though, it is only one room. But, you will kitchen, dining room which functions as living room as well. Then, you can sleep at the sofa. Surprisingly, there is a place for home office.

tiny house design 6

It is another incredible tiny house to try. Here, the first floor used for getting rest. There is a sofa that can be used for sleep. Here, you can play music as well. The kitchen and bathroom also placed at this floor.  After that, you will a room to enjoy the outdoor through the second floor.

tiny house design 7

The first floor of this tiny house gives you kitchen, bathroom, a wide space which can be functioned as dining room in front of indoor fire pit. With a simple staircase, you can go upstairs and take a rest at a bedroom. This looks elegant and tidy.

tiny house design 8

Look at this simple house design. With its two side room, this house gives you marvelous design. The first side used for kitchen and dining table or we can call it dining room without divider. While the other side of this house function as living room to welcome your guest. Moreover, there is verandah outside.

tiny house design 9

What a beautiful tiny house it is. At the first floor, you will see the kitchen, laundry room, dining room, and a sofa which can be used for sleep. The, at the second floor, you will see the bedroom as well. The white color makes it look bigger.

tiny house design 10

Do you want to go travel in a rain forest for picnic? This tiny house is a perfect design for it. The first floor can be used for any activity you want. Meanwhile, the second floor functions as bedroom. The window position makes this house look bright and wide.